I Want to Become Sample Room's Next Beauty Insider

If you have been a reader of this blog since I started, you have probably seen me posting my shopping hauls from Sample Room. When I discovered this beauty sampling site, it made me decide to finally set up a beauty blog.

I discovered Sample Room in 2014 when I was so curious what is it like to be a beauty blogger. The idea of trying a beauty product before even buying it made me feel excited to get my first ever Sample Room haul. By then, my enthusiasm to make product reviews improved and it helped me curate the best beauty and skincare reviews for Sweet Confessions. My ultimate goal for this blog is to make beauty confessions about the products that I bought and tried so that other beauty enthusiasts like me can discover the products at their fingertips.

People nowadays rely so much on the internet before they try to avail products and services that a brand has to offer. With Sample Room's emerging brand partnership with well-known beauty and skincare brands, being the next Sample Room's Beauty Insider will help me get first access to the latest product releases that I can share to my readers. 

I want to become Sample Room's next Beauty Insider because this community helped be become the beauty blogger that I am today. I love trying out the latest beauty and skincare trends and I have the passion on sharing my reviews here on my blog to help beauty enthusiasts like me decide what to buy as well. If I will be chosen as one of the new beauty insiders, I will use it as a way to spread awareness and influence my readers to try out the latest products that they might find as their new cult favorites as well.

I want to be Sample Room's next beauty insider because i want to influence aspiring beauty bloggers to try out and discover the latest beauty products that will bring out their passion in achieving their beauty goals and to empower them one beauty product at a time.

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