So Natural All-Day-Tight Makeup Setting Fixx - Review

Ever since I started learning about makeup, I wanted to make sure that it will last longer than expected. While most of my makeup products are Korean brands, it is still yet to compete with Western brands when it comes to longevity. My blog has been almost all about Korean beauty and skincare and I can't believe that there are a lot of emerging brands in the market today. 

There are a lot of setting sprays available out there, but believe me, this is the first Korean setting spray that I have tried. For today, let's review the So Natural All-Day-Tight Makeup Setting Fixx.

So Natural All-Day-Tight Makeup Setting Fixx

Price: 1,015php
Where to buy: Seoul Unni Philippines

What it claims:
Stop your makeup from smudging and clumping throughout the day. The super fine and even mist will keep you looking fresh with no need to touch up during the day. This makeup fixer was ranked #1 by K-Beauty professionals on _et It Beauty in a blind test. Not only does the FIXX keep you looking great and vibrant,it hydrates and nourishes your skin with lemon, tea tree,and centella asiatica extract. The finishing touch is the fresh floral scent. Great for all skin types. Apply before makeup application to smooth skin texture and boost adhesion. Apply after makeup to boost longevity and fixability of completed makeup.

So Natural All-Day-Tight Makeup Setting Fixx

The So Natural All-Day-Tight Makeup Setting Fixx comes in an aerosol spray bottle. Unlike any other aerosol sprays, there is no small item inside the can to determine how much of the product you have used up. The spray pump has a small hole that sprays the product in a super fine mist.

So Natural All-Day-Tight Makeup Setting Fixx

So Natural All-Day-Tight Makeup Setting Fixx

So Natural All-Day-Tight Makeup Setting Fixx
Comparative photo before and after spraying the mist
It is noticeable that there is a foggy mist on the bottom photo of the collage. Here are my thoughts about the product:

  • The mist is super fine that it has a cool effect when applied to the face.
  • It has a citrus scent unlike other setting sprays that I have tried.
  • Can work as primer and setting spray
  • Does not irritate my skin even after application
  • Sets makeup easily
  • Doesn't make the skin look oily after setting the makeup
  • It has a dewy to matte finish
  • The claim for no retouch all day is true if you are in an air-conditioned room. If you will be outside for a longer period of time, your makeup might run off even if you set it with this spray. Doesn't set lipstick, though, only face and eye makeup.
  • Since I have oily skin, my face starts to look oily after 3 hours. I didn't try to blot it for the whole day and it even get more oily. But my makeup is still intact.

1st photo is how my face looks after application, upper right photo is 3hrs after, and lower right is after my full 9 hour shift.

Seoul Unni will be launching in the Philippines on November 14 and the So Natural All-Day-Tight Makeup Setting Fixx will be easily available if you want to try.

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