Bye-bye Dry Hair with Limited Edition Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner

Happy weekend everyone! It's been a few months since I made a purchase at Sample Room. As much as I wanted to get new samples, I have already sampled the items left in stock and I'm always on the look for new ones to try. Luckily when I checked back the website, they got lots of stocks for the latest variant of Cream Silk, the Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Hair Reborn Conditioner.

Summer is in and as much as we take care of our skin from the heat of the sun, we should also take care of our locks as it is also prone to breakage if we stay longer under the sun.

FULL SIZES:     11ml/ 170ml/ 340ml
PRICES:            PHP 6.50/ PHP 109.00/ PHP 197.50

With Advanced Hair Reborn Technology and Hydra-Collagen Complex, it makes rough, frizzy, and summer-dry hair feel fresh and hydrated for up to 24 hours of long-lasting freshness without the greasy feel.

When it comes to conditioners, Cream Silk does their job the best. They have the best formula to conditon and make the hair smooth after taking a bath. The Cream Silk Fresh Hydration conditioner did make my hair feel fresh and has a sweet scent that can last for the rest of the day. I was amazed because I can still smell it on my hair even after I go home from work. Unfortunately, the oily feel on my scalp and the dryness on the tips didn't go away. This variant wasn't able to address the issue with the dryness. I would still buy it, though. Because I love how it makes my hair not too hard to comb after bath.

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