Embrace your flaws! Come join me at the #MySummerBod Campaign

I am fond of travelling and as the beach calls me, I want to always make sure that I wear the best pair of bikini I got. To be honest, I collect a lot of two piece bikinis. I used to wear them whenever I go swimming when I was still on the "free-size" category. Unfortunately, when I started working, I loved everything I see - especially food - that I forgot to maintain my normal body weight of 54kg.

Weighing almost 70kg for a 5'1" height is not normal. I am almost considered as obese. I tried so hard to bring back my skinny body. Here's a photo of me 4 years ago.

Yes, I gained a lot of weight. I started to become insecure when it comes to my body. I admit, I don't always have the courage to wear bikini now because I know I have flaws. I don't have the perfect body for a bikini.

❤ I have big thighs and small legs
❤ I have belly fat
❤ My arms aren't skinny and my neckline isn't visible enough

I am chubby and curvy, but without this qualities, I am not me. 

Here's #MySummerBod and it's ok if I'm not what people define as sexy. I still love what I have and being chubby and curvy doesn't mean I am less of a woman. 

I want to empower my fellow women to embrace their flaws. No one is perfect! Even the sexiest woman alive still have flaws on her body. And since it's summer, come and join me together with other women to #MySummerBod campaign.

Please see mechanics below.

I'm excited to read inspiring stories from you girls!

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