Happy Andrada's Bridal Bootcamp

There is always something exciting about life's adventures. One of which is, what is it like to be sending off someone from Miss to Mrs. It has been a tradition for some to do bridal showers to prepare the maiden from her new chosen path - to be someone's partner in life - marriage.

I don't have friends who are married yet so it is my first time attending an event like this. I, myself, isn't married as well, so I haven't experienced such bridal showers. But it's always good to have a first. 

About two weeks ago, fashion stylist Happy Andrada had her bridal bootcamp at Manila Marriot Hotel, not only to bid her "single" days goodbye, but to also showcase her Havana Chic fashion collection.

Happy Andrada with her Bridesmaids.

Makeup 101 with MAC
Known for her unique, complex detailing, masterful use of material, and a style that has her personal brand seared on it, Happy becomes a perennial show stopper at the Philippine Fashion Week since she first joined in 2006. To date, she has had 50 fashion shows.

Happy Andrada with her models for the Havana Chic Collection
Balancing vision and wearability, Happy develops a ready-to-wear line while continuously creating statement pieces as influenced by her inspirations from travels all over. As an extention to her creativity, she delves deep into fashion styling and makeup artistry as well.

Havana Chic Collection in Rose Gold Dresses

My #ootd

Burlesque Manila taught Happy's friends as well as the crowd, on How to do a perfect Strip Tease and the act of burlesque dancing. The night was filled with all-girls fun and games and good food. It was surely a memorable experience for everyone and for Happy as well.

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