Lumiere Skin & Spa Opens at Uptown BGC

I'm a fan of getting pampered eversince I started this blog. As a woman working in a corporate environment, it is quite hard to find spare time to relax and unwind especially that I have a day job that is quite busy because of its nature of work. But, I love discovering new salon and spas in the metro that are affordable and truly pampering.

Anyway, I got invited to Lumiere Skin and Spa's soft opening at Uptown Mall BGC last October 25, 2017 and here's a quick story + my review of the Lumiere Elite Therapy Massage.

Lumiere Skin and Spa is a wellness and beauty center that truly cares. They offer the best lasers, botanical, organic grade skin care products to help you find your light within. From Lumiere's signature massages to their state-of-the art anti-aging lasers, facial and bodu contouring machines, and to the economical, professional grade, whitening peels, Lumiere Skin and Spa aim to provide clients the best skin care possible at prices you can afford.

At the age of 25, we lose an average of 2% of our collagen anually, which is why from this age, we need to start to take care more of our skin. Luckily, Lumiere Skin and Spa offers services for anti-aging - mainly the Fotona 4D Non-invasive laser face lifting. 

It is a unique combination of four distinct modes of aesthetic treatment harnessed in concert to combat facial aging. It is a series of synergistic, non-invasive treatments of both the exterior and interior oral cavity, enabling full-thickness contraction of collagen for persistent tightening and volumization (wrinkle reduction) without injectables. 

Here is Lumiere Skin and Spa's list of services.

At Lumiere Skin and Spa, they have free skin analysis to determine which part of your skin needs treatment and attention. As for me, I have very visible pores that I want to minimize (but still can't afford any treatment lol). 

Of all the services available, I tried Lumiere's Elite Therapy Massage (worth 1,599php). It is a 2-hour massage with body mask and spa. (And I wasn't able to take photos of what's inside the rooms because I got waaaay to excited to get pampered).

My clinician has a very soft touch. The body scrub is very soothing and the body mask made my skin feel soft. I almost fell asleep while being massaged. I also had 2 showers after the body scrub, then after the mask. The 30-minute massage after shower is satisfying even though it is a hard massage. My back felt light and I think once in a month I am going to do this pamper session for myself.

Staff: Very accommodating and courteous.
Clinic: Clean ambience with garden vibe with a bit of elegant touch
Service: For a massage that is so satisfying, I would give this clinic a 5 star rating. 

I would also love to try out their other services soon. Will definitely go back.

Lumiere Skin and Spa is located at 2F Uptown Parade Mall.

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