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I have been a network marketing magnet ever since college. To tell you the truth, I have been invited by different network marketing companies in the country such as Uno, JC Premiere, Royale, Aim Global, Frontrow, Usana, etc. Mind you, I am a very business minded person which is why people around me knows how big my market is. While I have been invited by these companies, I didn't seem to get lucky to get my own house and lot or car because during those times, I wasn't very determined to do the selling. But now that I met NWorld, I felt the drive to market these products. After all, everything in this package is worth the try. (Hint: I have tried and I am continuously trying these products for you guys but I'm still waiting for the right time to share its effects because I need to test them for a long time to know that it's effective) But! To give you a teaser, Using these products for almost a week gave me a smoother skin more than any other beauty products that I have tried. (Swear!)

My aunt introduced these products to me and I became very curious because the very first time I saw this package from NWorld, I wanted to have the whole set for myself. Thankfully, my tita sponsored me this set to try, so I can help her sell them. I'm not going to review the products first, because I will be posting a separate blog about each. For today, let me just give you an overview 

NWorld owns the NLighten Brand of Cosmetics. These are the famous cosmetics made and developed from Korea and has captured the Philippine market by storm. Although NWorld also has a line of food supplements called NHance, it could not be denied that the NLighten has caught the hearts of the Filipinos and even foreign customers.

Unlike common cosmetic brands which you can just see in any retails stores or malls. NLighten Cosmetics are not that easy to find. This is because of the commitment of NWorld of giving the best privileges to its distributors.

What's on this kit? (Don't worry everyone, I'm trying these products so I can share a review how effective they are. I'm going to do an internal link so you can check if I have posted the review about the products below:)

  • NLighten Kojic Papaya with Glutathione – Php200
  • NLighten Premium Soap – Php200
  • NLighten Facial Cleanser – Php550
  • NLighten Underarm Cream – Php1095
  • NLighten Bubble Cleanser – Php1350
  • NLighten Cloud Cream – Php1450
  • NLighten CC Cushion – Php1640

Included on the beauty and skincare kit that is not on the photo:
  • NLighten Body Cream – Php1350
  • NLighten Eye Gel – Php1350
By just looking at the products, one would know that this will not only give you what it claims, but exceed your expectations. Although the products are a bit price-y the NLighten Cosmetics and Skincare products by NWorld performs according to its price. 

If you're interested to apply as a distributor or to try these products, please send a message to my Facebook account so I can assist you.

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  1. ndi ko p ntry ung product n yan msyado kc syang pricey ndi kya ng budget..