5 Instagram Approved Sweater Outfits for Women Over 35

The humble sweater deserves a place in every woman's closet, at every age. Whether you're a teen or an older adult, or somewhere in between, women's sweaters are a staple. You may tend to consider them to be a casual item, but unbeknownst to many, they're also perfectly suitable for formal occasions as well! 

The secret to styling a sweater well over the age of 35 comes down to how put together the final look is. Throwing on a shaggy pullover are habits of the past. You likely want to look more polished and adult now, no matter what activity you're dressing for. 

Without further delay, here are 5 incredibly easy looks to replicate that will have you looking fashionable and cozy all at the same time. You'll never look at women's sweaters the same way again!

sweater vest

The sweater vest is the more mature sister of a classic women's sweater. They give off a polish and preppy vibe and can easily dress up and add warmth to an otherwise basic outfit. You can pair them with wide leg trousers for a semi-formal look, or even jeans for a laid-back and almost equestrian influenced style. Just make sure to select a sweater vest in a solid color from a neutral palette in order for your outfit to look sleek and put-together.

2) Cable Knit

Cable Knit

Cable knit sweaters are a classic anywhere with a cold climate. The details on this type of knitwear adds an element of sophistication to any outfit. Cable knits are surprisingly warm and can feel just like being wrapped in a cozy blanket all day! To style this piece, you can pair it with loose fitting jeans for an ultra casual look, or you could dress it up with a more tailored bottom half like a midi skirt or a pair of structured trousers. Cream is always a classic color option to select for this type of sweater, but you'll feel best in whatever colors suit your personal style best.

3) Striped

striped sweater

Next up is a beautiful striped sweater. You really can't go wrong with this classic pattern. Stripes are often associated with either coastal attire or French style. Either way, it makes your outfit look elevated and luxurious. Sticking to either a black and white or a white and navy blue palette is the most common option. That will be sure to keep your outfit from looking too busy from both patterns and bold color statements. The collared detail on this particular sweater is a beautiful touch that makes room on the neckline for a piece of statement jewelry. No matter what sweater outfit you're rocking, never forget to accessorize! 

4) Layered

Layered sweater

This look has plenty of chic elements. The cream monochrome color palette is always a winning look. Even paired with sneakers this outfit still looks cohesive and fashionable due to this one simple factor! The other fantastic feature of this outfit is the layering of two women's sweaters. The long cardigan over top of the turtle neck is a perfect way to stay snug. Afterall, there's no rule against layering knitwear!

5) Bell Sleeve

Bell Sleeve sweater

This last look is incredibly simple yet incredibly fashion forward. Women's sweaters with added detail like these pretty bell sleeves make an outfit look complete even thrown together with a simple pair of jeans. This casual on-the-go outfit is feminine and flirty yet completely age-appropriate for anyone.

Finding the perfect sweater outfit really doesn't have to be complicated. Sticking to the colors, shapes and fabrics that suit you best is the surest way to look amazing with minimal effort.