5 Tips to Survive Shopping in Divisoria

Divisoria is a well known shopping center in Manila where you can buy affordable stuffs of different kinds such as clothes, toys, accessories, and a lot more.

I have been a Divisoria girl when I was still in college because I used to sell clothes and accessories. There's nothing wrong about shopping in Divisoria because honestly, it's wise and thrifty. You just have to be wise on choosing the items you want to buy. For almost 10 years, Divisoria has been my favorite shopping location because in the heart of Divisoria, you can find good products worth more than the price you paid. But then again, it depends on how you choose the right products.

In my 10 years of experience on shopping in Divisoria, I have mastered how do you survive shopping there. Here are 5 of the best tips I can give to those who are interested to shop:

  1. Dress casually. As much as possible, look BROKE. If you go to malls with your heels and dresses on, DO NOT dress up like you're on a fashion show here. Aside from the fact that Divisoria is a public place where people are scattered in the streets, if you look rich, it is risky for you to stroll around. When I go to Divi, I wear slippers and shorts or casual clothings only.
  2. Do not bring valuable items. Or if you will bring them with you, never ever lose them out of your sight. For your security, always put your bags in front of you so you will not be a victim of pick-pocket. When I got to Divi, I bring a small sling bag with me. I don't bring too much cash and cards there. I also leave my wallet at home.
  3. Bring your own big eco bags. You wouldn't want to carry everything you bought in separate plastics, right? They sell big bags there as well but it will cost you about 100php or more. So if you have big eco bags at home, bring them with you so that all the things you bought will be stored in one baggage.
  4. Haggling is the key. Divisoria is known for selling items with affordable price, BUT! If you try to haggle the price, you might still get the item at a lower cost. When I shop, I always ask the sales person in the store how much is the wholesale price and last price. From there, I haggle how much is my actual budget for that product and then viola! Don't worry about not getting all of your desired items in one store. Afterall, there will surely be a lot of stores who sells the same kind of item at a lower price.
  5. BRING A LOT OF PATIENCE! Yep! Because Divisoria always looks like everything is on sale. And when everything is on SALE, what do you see?

I bet you know! PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! Which is why it's really not that safe to bring your iPhones there. You need patience to get into the small streets and narrow hallways of each pasilio. 

But even thought there are a lot of people in Divisoria, I still prefer shopping my clothes here. Want to know why? I will be posting a separate blog on the things that you should and should not buy in Divisoria then I will edit this post for the link!

I hope you will enjoy shopping there.

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  1. hay naku mam npakahirap tlga mamili sa divisoria.. kya pagnamimili tau dapat simple lng suot natin kc mrming snatcher jan..