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Happy March everyone! Yay! It's officially summer. Can you feel the heat of the sun run through your skin? I bet that these days, you're wishing to be at the beach and play with the waves. Hihi. Time flies so fast that you barely didn't notice the cold days are almost over and here comes Mr. Sun. And it's fun and perfect to spend your summer away from Manila, to explore nature's beauty in the provinces.

Although Bicol is a frequently storm-ravaged island, you wouldn't mind spending 12 hours of travel to get to this quiet beach in the northeastern coast of Camarines Norte -- Calaguas Group of Islands.

This beach is included on my travel bucket list and I'm very excited to visit and explore its pristine beauty this summer.

There are three main reasons why I wanted to visit Calaguas:

 1. To de-stress and enjoy summer. Who wouldn't want to escape from the daily grind at work? With all the countless emails and phone calls you want to get rid off, it's perfect to spend a day off (or week) to disconnect with your workload. Since there is no electricity and mobile network signals, it's like getting away with  the busy world of Manila.

2. To discover the hidden sanctuary and experience peaceful stay. Philippines is blessed with beautiful attractions that most of it weren't discovered yet. Calaguas is one of the many hidden sanctuaries that is yet to be discovered. With its fine sands, and unique beauty, this island is a place where you will actually appreciate simple pleasures of having sun-kissed skin under the majestic orange and magenta streaks of the sky. There are no fancy restaurants and spa. Just pure nature.

3. Because it's affordable. There are so many popular beaches where everyone visits every summer, and mostly costs too much for a short summer destination, but since Calaguas is yet to be discovered, it's a great detour with the cliche beaches if you want to enjoy a serene summer and much sun, sand, and sea on a budget. You wouldn't have to save at least Php20,000 to get here. Maybe one pay cut off is enough to get here? Or it may still be too much for you to bring.

Are you ready for summer? I'm now beach ready!

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