DIY | How to Make a Ribbon Hair Tie

Hey lovelies! Happy weekend! I just had a very short event today during the BDJ Box Beauty Soiree: All Things Kawaii at Serenitea BTTC Centre, Greenhills. I was amazed how Kawaii Philippines shared a DIY craft on how to make a ribbon hair tie, so I would love to share it to you as well.

Ribbons are just too girly, isn't it? Although I don't usually use ribbons nowadays, I still find ribbons cute. Especially that the fashion trend involves usamimi headbands and hair ties. Imagine, bazaars sell these ribbons for Php50+ and you could just make one for yourself? Wow! You can now start a ribbon hair tie business, hihi. Just kidding. 

So here's how to make a ribbon hair tie:

What you need: 
  • Decorative Cloth
  • Glue Gun
  • Plain Rubber Hair Tie
  • Elastic Band
  • Scissors
STEP 1. Cut your cloth into a small strip and a big one, like the one below. No definite size, you may cut the cloth depending on how big or small you wish your ribbon would be.

STEP 2. Lay your cloth flat on a table having the front facing the table. Fold the cloth horizontally until it reaches the center, as shown on the photo below

 STEP 3. Now, fold your cloth vertically so it should look like on the photo below.

STEP 4. Crunch the cloth, or fold it into the middle three times to look like this.

STEP 5. If you're already satisfied with the look of your ribbon, tie the elastic in the middle of your ribbon so it should look like this.

STEP 6. Next, it's now time for your little strip. Do the same like what you did on step 1.

STEP 7. Position your rubber hair tie.

STEP 8. Roll the smaller strip around the middle of your ribbon to cover the elastic band, then use a glue gun to stick it, then you're done!

TADAAAA! How cute, isn't it? I want to make more of this. Hihi.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Don't forget to leave a comment if you liked this one. :)

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  1. Nice post! Sayang, I wasn't able to go kanina. Hope to meet you fellow bella :)

    1. Hi Ria! Aww, oo nga sayang naman. Anyway, ok lang rin siguro kasi wala freebies hehe. See you soon! :)

  2. Wow! I almost wasted a thousand for these bows para bilhin sa isang online shop eh kadali naman pala gawin! Thanks for this! :D

    1. Hi Mayu! Now you know. :) And mas may choice ka pa sa designs, you can use old cloths na di mo na ginagamit. :)

  3. Will definitely try to follow your tutorial on some of my left cloth here at home. Mind if we follow each other? Followed you on GFC. :)


    1. Hi Theresa, thanks for your comment! Excited to see your DIY ribbons. :)

  4. wow ang galing naman,now i know na ganun lang pala kabilis gumawa, i want to try it

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