Silky Girl Cool Chic Blush Stick - Review

This work-from-home setup got me preppin' easily by having ready-to-grab makeups to make sure I look decent on meetings that requires videos to be turned ON. I have this Silky Girl Cool Chic Blush Stick on my mini vanity area so that I can retouch in 5mins before the meeting starts.

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Come and take a quick review of what this product has to offer.

Where to buy:
How much? 110php each

Product Claims: 
This lightweight, non-greasy and water-based tint formula blusher is designed to naturally brighten dull complexions. It glides easily on skin and it leaves you with cooling sensation on your cheeks upon application. Available in 2 shades to match Asian skin tones.

  • Long-lasting
  • Paraben-free
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera extract

Available Shades: Peach, Pink, Tangerine (new - not in photo)


The Silky Girl Cool Chic Blush Stick comes in a small tube that is very handy and pocket-friendly. I like that it's small and can be bought anywhere in your sling bag and is not bulky. 

It's pigmented and gives out color at one swipe, but adding a few more layers won't hurt. It can easily be blended on the cheeks but it can also be easily removed when wiped by tissue.

If you don't purposely remove it with tissue, it can stay up to 2-3 hours.

I feel like I went back to my teenage days in flushing cheeks while I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I see 'crush' passing by. This blush stick is very affordable and budget-friendly especially for teens and young adults on a budget. I personally like the shade Peach because it gives a natural blush look when applied. Just about the appropriate color for a daily makeup look. It has a fruity scent that I like so much that I feel like it's making me fresher.

It's widely available in supermarkets nationwide, and can also be bought from Shopee.

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