Silky Girl - MLBB Lip Tints Review

My blog is filled with always either budget beauty or Korean beauty for the longest time because I am an avid fan of saving cash for makeup. It's not that I cannot afford higher-end brands that I seldom post about them, it's just that, my blog's target market is yuppies and beauties on a budget. It's been almost 5 years since I tried Silky Girl and it makes me wonder how 5 years flew so fast??

It's been almost 2 years since the pandemic hit the entire world, and really, shopping for beauty products is not everyone's priority. But being in a pandemic doesn't mean you'll neglect your well-being and physical appearance. At times, you'll still appear at meetings showing your face and even showing yourself over social media. Now that quarantine restrictions are lighter, you can also meet with your friends outside. And for everyone who wanted to look prettier on a budget, I am recommending this new find from Silky Girl Cosmetics - the MLBB  Lip Tints. 

What is MLBB?
MLBB is a term in the lip makeup industry talking about how a lip product looks as if you're not wearing it. A lipstick shade similar to the natural color of your lips. Thus, the acronym's description - my lips, but better.

Wearing 01 Autumn on my lips

Where to buy:
How much: 125php/tube
Available Shades: 01 Autumn; 02 Rosie; 03 Orchid; 04 Nude; 05 Scarlet

Claims: This water-based lip tint is enriched with Grape juice extract and Aloe Vera extract to keep your lips smooth and moisturized all day.  It also gives your lips a plumped-up effect and more importantly, it feels weightless on your lips. Available in 5 highly pigmented shades that flatter every skin tone and provide all-day staining power.

From top to bottom: 01 Autumn; 02 Rosie; 03 Orchid; 04 Nude; 05 Scarlet

The Silky Girl MLBB Lip Tints come in a small tube with a small doe-foot wand applicator. Very handy and easy to bring in your sling bag.

It has a gel-ish consistency just like other regular lip tints, only that it does not come on roll-on tubes. It's not too watery and is more pigmented than other lip tint brands. The above swatches show the pigmentation of the Silky Girl MLBB Lip Tints in one swipe.

My lips in 04 Nude

  • I really like the color payoff. If you look at the shades from the tube, it looks as if it's too bold, but when applied to the lips, it really feels as if a normal lip color.
  • It's very lightweight when applied, it's as if you put nothing on your lips.
  • I don't like the taste of this lip tint, it's been a long time since I tasted a flavor I don't like.
  • Unlike any other lip tints, the Silky Girl MLBB Lip tints can cover the entire lip and do not migrate to the center of the lips.
Overall, I like! 

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