#InHarmonyWithNature with Naturals by Watsons Cica & Sunflower Skincare

Have you gotten enough of Home Buddies' Team Kahoy and Team Puti? If not, here's an addition to your collection where it passes the vibes. 

I've been dead serious about refreshing my skin. After all, I'm not getting any younger, and as much as I want to maintain the babyface that I have, aging can really be bothersome. I cannot hide my skin imperfections all my life by using makeup, that's why it's a good investment to really focus on skincare. The work-from-home setup prevented me from using makeup all the time that's why I appreciate skincare more. I like how I rested from doing full face makeups for the longest time because this way, I was able to take care of my skin more.

I've been a part of the #InHarmonyWithNature campaign of Watsons in the past months and I must say that this skincare range is my favorite. Their advocacy in keeping everything natural inspired me a lot, not only to do skincare but to really be in harmony with nature.

I've been using this skincare range for the past 2 months and I'm almost half-empty. I really love using this range that I'm planning to buy another set once this is empty. But first, let me share my first impressions and review of the Naturals by Watsons Cica & Sunflower Skincare range.

Where to Buy: Watsons Online, Watsons Stores Nationwide
Made in Korea

Product Claims: 
NATURALS BY WATSONS Cica and Sunflower skincare range is formulated with two gentle yet powerful essences to give you a luminous and healthy complexion.

Cica, known as the Miracle Elixir of Life in acient times, helps soothe and repair skin
Sunflower seed oil delivers excellent nourishment to keep your skin supple.

  • This cleansing foam gently removes dirt and impurities while keeping your skin feels smooth, comfortable, and supple
  • Eco friendly with ingredients derived from plants grown using certified organic farming methods
Cica & Sunflower Soothing Cleansing Foam 130ml - 289php

Cica & Sunflower Soothing Cleansing Foam 130ml
This cleanser really starts and ends my day! I use it when I wash my face in the morning, and before I go to sleep at night. I really love the subtle scent it produces. It's a foamy type of cleanser and a little goes a long way. This pea-sized amount can wash away the skin dirt and can give you the smooth feeling after washing.

Cica & Sunflower Soothing Toner 150ml - 349php
Cica & Sunflower Soothing Toner 150ml
Among the entire skincare range, this is my favorite. The Cica & Sunflower Soothing Toner is indeed soothing and removes dirt effectively after cleansing. I like it's thick milky texture when poured into a cotton pad. Because the consistency is thicker than regular toners, it doesn't run down or even spill.

Challenge is, I have to tap the bottom of the bottle for the product to come out.

Cica & Sunflower Soothing Serum 30ml - 449php

Cica & Sunflower Soothing Serum 30ml
I don't often use serums on my skincare but the Cica & Sunflower Soothing Serum is just irresistable. I like the container because it easily dispenses the product, and the serum itself makes the skin extra smooth and supple. It's a bit runny compared to the toner, but can easily be controlled when applied directly to the skin. 

Cica & Sunflower Soothing Facial Cream 50g - 329php

Cica & Sunflower Soothing Facial Cream 50g
This tub has a lot of moisturizer in it! It's best applied when refrigerated because it gives a cold soothing feeling. Applying the cream stored in normal room temperature is also just fine. The cream is gel-type and has a subtle scent too. It doesn't have any spatula included so you have to scoop using your fingers.

I recently had breakouts prior to using this skincare range. I had cystic pimples and I must say that this skincare ranged helped my skin regain its smoothness. The cystic pimples were gone and only pimple marks were left. I'm using the entire range continuously and I can see my skin getting better. I think my skin is friendly with natural skincare because it usually reacts badly to skincare ranges with chemicals.

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