Kynd Cosmetics Swatch Party

Local brands have been emerging in this time of pandemic and I'm kinda reminiscing my Glamour Tints that I wasn't able to pursue due to busy work schedule. I had a happy time designing my own brand of lip tints but it surely takes a lot of effort crafting your marketing collaterals and having it sold. I used to sell 200 bottles of my lip tints monthly and I'm happy that I get to see my brand being used by the people that I know.

One of my recent discoveries is this gel lip tints from Kynd Cosmetics.

Read on and watch my YouTube video for the swatch party!

Price: 120php each
Available Shades: Peachy, Timeless, Bittersweet, Savage, Trendsetter
Scent: Bubblegum

The Kynd Cosmetics lip tints comes in a minimalistic roll on bottle with prints that corresponds to the shades.

From top to bottom: Savage, Trendsetter, Timeless, Bittersweet, Peachy

The Kynd Cosmetics lip tints has a semi-gel consistency that can easily be applied onto the lips. Gel tints are better than water-based because it leaves a stain even if you have washed it off already. It is pigmented and has a bubblegum scent when applied.

Watch my video for the swatch party! Enjoy!

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