Why Birkenstocks Were Just Named the Hottest Shoe Right Now

It's one of the most famous truisms in the fashion industry that everything comes back around to be in style again, the good and the bad. This year's good column includes a surge in popularity for Birkenstocks, for good reason. The performance sandal line has long produced some of the most durable and comfortable summer shoes for men and women, but it hasn't always been the hot commodity it is right now. Like any other designs, the Birkenstocks aesthetic has passed in and out of fashion. Right now, there are a lot of things shining a light on this line of shoes, and the effect has been a sharp increase in consumer demand as well as renewed interest by fashion journalists.

Britney's Birkenstocks

Nothing helps boost a brand's profile like a celebrity who loves their goods, and Britney Spears was recently spotted relaxing on a beach in a pair of brightly colored turquoise sandals from the famous shoemaker. This has led to a predictable amount of press, and the presence of womens Birkenstocks in a number of seasonally cheerful colors has been broadcast to anyone who might have wanted a pair. It's no wonder that searches for the brand sharply increased around the time the story broke, but it would be a mistake to think this event alone caused the surge. In fact, these sandals have been growing in popularity for a while, predating this extra exposure.

The Arizona sandal seen in photos of Ms. Spears' vacation have definitely been at the top of discussions about the surge in popularity, and it's quite likely they found their way onto the pop singer's radar as a result of the buzz this design has created elsewhere. The results from Lyft has shown demand for the brand has more than doubled in six months, and media reports from around the industry indicate many retailers are selling out of the shoe and have been for at least a couple of months. Demand is simply greater than supply.

A Bigger Wave of Retro Comebacks

Birkenstocks were famously dominant among a wide range of ages at the height of grunge culture in the 1990s, forming one side of the decade's gritty alternative fashion sensibility with Doc Marten's famously rounding out the extreme other side of the spectrum for those looking for a harder-edged aesthetic. It's not surprising to see the brand surging in popularity amidst a redesign and a fashion environment where the popular womens shoes are joined by a host of other trends from the decade, include jean styles, dresses, and even men's fashions that call back to the tail end of the 20th century.

Find Today's Most Popular Sandals

You can find Birkenstock sandals in all the places you already shop for premium shoe brands, just look for the Arizona design and check out the currently available sizes and colors. Keep an eye out for updates to the line, too, because it's exactly at times like these that popular brands like to surprise fans with a brand new redesign or a follow-up shoe meant to help fill out another niche in your wardrobe. Whether Birkenstock will do that or not is a mystery, but the longer this surge in popularity persists, the more time they have to develop something.

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