Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara

To be honest, I haven't reached to the point that I get addicted to mascaras. I do add falsies when doing makeup, and I do agree that thick and long lashes adds accent to the eyes, but I don't use mascaras often. This might be a good start because I have heard good reviews about INGA's products and I'm so lucky that I get to try one which is the Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara. 

Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara

Price Range: $12 to $14
Size: 9g
Where to Buy: Available in Korean online stores. Unfortunately this is already sold out in Charis.

INGA FIBER TATTOO MASCARA contains 2-4mm of fiber that helps to make voluminous eyelashes all day long and it is a all proof mascara.

- High resistance to water and sweat.
- For clear eye makeup without smudging
- Curve-designed brush gives you longer-looking lashes for dramatic eye look.

Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara

Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara
It has a bend wand which makes it easier to be applied on the lashes

Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara
The formula of the mascara at one swipe

Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara
Since it claims to be smudge proof, I tried smudging it using my hand and it is not easily removed. This photo shows the pigment of the product after wiping it with wet wipes and makeup remover.

Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara
Before & After putting Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara

What I think:
  • It does volumize the lashes.
  • I have short lashes and I noticed that the length is better when I applied the Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara
  • Since it has fiber properties, using this mascara makes your lashes look like there are extra hairs.
  • It is lightweight and you wouldn't feel you added mascara at all
  • It looks like you are wearing falsies as well.
  • It doesn't clump the lashes but hard to remove when applied
  • Removing the mascara feels sticky on the lashes because of its consistency

It's kind of hard to find this mascara in the Philippine market. That's the con of this brand. However, if you have access to Korean online stores, even Amazon and Ebay, there are some stores selling this Inga Fiber Tattoo Mascara. 

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