LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion (+Refill)

Has anyone of you heard about a sunscreen in a cushion? In my years of reviewing Korean skincare products, this is the first sunscreen cushion that I have tried! Most beauty bloggers raved for the BB/CC Cushion or any cushion foundation because of its ability to blend the product properly than the liquid featured ones, and who would have thought that they can also come up with a sunscreen in a cushion?

For today, let's review LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion (+Refill). 

LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion

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What it claims:

  • The LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion is a brightening sunscreen cushion that even works for red and sensitive skin. This sunscreen cushion can easily be applied with a puff protecting you from powerful UVA and UVB rays. 
  • Be bright and natural. Its hydrating texture helps you achieve brighter skin with a naturally radiant glow. 
  • Feel refreshed with this cooling sunscreen. As soon as you apply the product, its hydrating texture will immediately cool down your skin.
  • Brighten up dull skin. It has a soft moisturizing texture to brighten up your dull skin
  • Soothe sensitive and trouble-prone skin. It contains safe ingredients that can even soothe sensitive and trouble-prone skin.

LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion

The LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion comes in a box with Refill inside, and a cushion compact. Because of its compact style, you can easily bring it in your vanity kit. The cushion compact also comes in a clear-view mirror so you can use it during touch ups.

LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion
The cushion also has this protective sticker so that the product will not spill before opening

LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion
I was surprised when I opened the box, and the cushion is white!

LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion
Close-up look of the cushion: It's too white and feels milky!

LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion
The LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion comes in a teardrop-shaped puff just like the Touch 4 M Collagen Cushion that I recently tried. This kind of shaped-puff makes it easier for anyone to apply the product on the corners of our face that cannot easily be reached by circle-shaped ones.

LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion

Photo above shows the swatch of the LabNo 4SP Safe Aqua Sun Cushion when applied onto the skin. It easily sets when swiped, so you might as well dab only a few product when you apply it to your face.

My thoughts:

  • Comes in a sturdy compact cushion with mirror so it's convenient to bring and no worries of spilling compared to a bottled sunscreen
  • It has a milky white color with the same consistency as any other sunscreen, but since it comes in a cushion, there is lesser product spill off.
  • It feels lightweight when applied. Some sunscreens can be felt like you are wearing one when applied.
  • It as a mild cooling effect when applied!
  • It is indeed non-sticky because it sets easily and doesn't leave any white casts or streaks after application, and when applied properly. It just shows that the skin can absorb it easily.

Unfortunately, this product is just available online if you are interested to buy. The brand doesn't have any stores in the country yet, but if you buy it from my Charis Shop you can avail of the 13% OFF and free shipping direct from Korea.

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