CloseUp #FreeToLove Campaign

"Where LOVE has rules, make a stand and fight for love."

I've been seeing a lot of  influencers posting about CloseUp's #FreeToLove campaign these past few months and I can't help but join the campaign because it showcases different kinds of love stories that everyone can totally relate in. With me, being a relationship blogger before I even started blogging about beauty and lifestyle, this kind of campaign is very close to my heart because I am an advocate of believing and fighting for love.

I just got lucky to be part of the #FreeToLove exhibit held at Maybank Performing Arts Theater - November 21, 2019.

The exhibit displays different murals about love's rules - that love cannot stop two  people from feeling it regardless of gender, age, and even time. Because although love has its own boundaries and rules, once you felt it, you're never going to stop.

Different showbiz personalities were invited for the talk - such as Andi Eigenmann, Issa Pressman, EG Bautista, and Katz Salao and talked about different stories of love.

"It was because of my bravery to fight to be free to love that brought me to the happiness that I have now" - Andi Eigenmann
"Being free to love simply means making more and more people smile today - and creating a better world" - Issa Pressman
"We're not promised tomorrow - love is such a wonderful feeling that  everyone should be able to express at anytime" - Katz Salao
 "Being free to love is creating a safe space for everyone" - EG Bautista
Andi Eigenmann, Issa Pressman, EG Bautista, and Katz Salao as panelists for the #FreeToLove exhibit


with Camille Co
What's my #FreeToLove Story?

About four years ago, I was locked up chasing someone who doesn't know how to value me. I used to think that love is proving someone that you matter just so they won't leave you. Until it finally hit me - that I should set myself free from that toxic relationship. By then, I started seeing myself from a different perspective.

It took me a long time to understand that my value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see my worth. So when I finally learned to put myself first, I understood why God closed that door for me - it was because he knew I was worth so much more.

Join me and share your #FreeToLove story.

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