Never fall out of love with your skin care routine with Proactiv

Different skin types demand different skin care routines. For one, you need to moisturize dry skin more often while oily skin needs more cleansing. But is there really a no one size fits all routine when it comes to skin care? Or is there?

While you carry out your skin care routine day in and day out, you either forget or are too lazy to take care of your skin especially after a long and busy day at work. All you want to do when you get home is to fall into bed and sleep. You might also find your skin care routine too tedious, especially in the morning when you have to leave home early just to beat the traffic. Or, you may have forgotten to buy your cleanser or moisturizer because you have already used up your supply. That could also be another reason for not carrying out your skin care routine.

You notice though that if you do not stick to your regular skin care routine, you start to develop acne or you notice some changes in your skin. With that, you decide once and for all that it is time to be more vigilant about your skin care routine. You want to regain your healthy skin so you decide to find a less complicated option for your skin care.

There is one product that will help you achieve all your skin care goals. In fact, Kendall Jenner, an American model and media personality, swears by Proactiv, the product that helped her overcome her acne problem. In fact, she came up with a video where she recounts how her regular use of Proactiv helped her solve her acne issues. She adds that it was the American formula of Proactiv that helped her solve her acne issues. You should check the formula that is available in your country. The Proactiv formula in the Philippines contains salicylic acid. Learn more about the video on Proactiv Philippines Facebook page.

Proactiv+ is a dermatologist developed, scientifically proven 3-Step Clear Skin System designed to get and keep you clear. The Proactiv+ 3-step Clear Skin System starts with a Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. Apply a small amount to dampened skin. Using your fingertips, gently massage in a circular motion for one to two minutes avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry and proceed to the second step – Pore Targeting Treatment which stops the acne at the source.

Use one to two pumps of the Pore Targeting Treatment and apply to your entire clean and dry face. Do not rinse off. The Pore Targeting Treatment contains salicylic acid which dissolves all the dirt that clogs pores and causes acne. When it has been fully absorbed, you can proceed to the last step which involves the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator which diminishes awkward acne marks and brightens the skin.

With your fingertips, apply the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator generously to your entire face. Do not rinse off. Once it has been absorbed by your face, you can go to bed with the assurance that you will wake up with skin that is ready to face another hectic day. It is advisable that the Proactiv+ 3-Step Clear Skin System is used twice a day to achieve better results.

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At the regular rate, you may avail of the 30-day kit for Php3,250 which includes the Skin Smoothing Exfoliate 60 ml, Pore Targeting Treatment 30 ml and Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 30ml. You can also avail of the 60-day kit at Php4,680 which includes Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 120 ml; Pore Targeting Treatment 60 ml and Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 60 ml. You may also avail these products at the Proactiv Online Shopping Cart.  

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