Browhaus Precision Eyeliner in Deep Brown - Review

Liquid eyeliners are my thing. Before I even started learning doing my brows, I loved liquid eyeliners first. My eyes are always so dreamy that people always mistaken me for being sad. (I get comments that I have the saddest eyes!) Liquid eyeliners is literally my favorite to-go makeup because it can instantly transform my sleepy eyes to eyes with accent.

As what I always mention to my blog, eye liners bring accent to the eyes. Even without falsies, these liners can transform your eye makeup from dull to doll. Even though some other beauty rookies find it hard to use eye liners because you literally need to match the shape from the other lid to the other, it was easier for me to do my eyeliner than my brows.

I recently tried the Browhaus Precision Liner in Deep Brown. To be honest, I haven't tried brown eye liners because I find black ones more defined and better on the lids.

Price: 795php

When I swiped it on my lids, it is quite hard because it dries in seconds. It's not easy to swipe it and make a wing liner because before I even make one, it dries. You literally have to swipe faster and draw the best line so you won't be frustrated. The tip of the pen isn't as soft as those liquid eyeliner brushes so it is kind of hard for me to draw a line. I think I should have outlined with a pencil first so I can achieve my winged liner. I have no problem with the shade of the liner because it is just almost same as black, plus it is pigmented that you don't have to swipe several (or more) layers to get your desired color but it depends on how oily the lids is. It has an intense colour that is long-lasting for up to 24-hours based on the claims. 

Because of its pen design, it is easier to glide on the lids because of the grip. Unlike liquid eyeliners with brushes, this precision liner helps create a more precise winged liner and easier to control because of its felt-tip applicator. It creates a thin line on the lids that you don't have to worry your eyeliner is overly done.

It is amazing that the Browhaus Precision liner is said to be smudgeproof so I wouldn't worry that my eye makeup is not intact. Some liquid eye liners I tried gets easily smudged. I am surprised that my winged liner didn't smudge. It's not hard to remove when you are using a makeup remover. It can also be easily erased by warm water or with a regular cleanser. 

Overall, the Browhaus Precision liner performs well than my other pen liners. This eyeliner is going to be on my keep list and I'll probably buy again. 

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