5 Necessities For Hosting A Quality Live Stream

I've always wanted to try doing video blogs and live streaming. I admit, sometimes, reading my blogs makes me not want to read them because people do have a short attention span. Which is why with today's digital age, it is often better to have a video version of blogs and written blogs as an additional reference to the video made.

If we have to choose between reading a book and watching a video of the same title, many of us would rather watch the video. It takes a lot of concentration to read a book but not so with the video. People of all ages love watching videos. It doesn’t matter if the video is in a language we may not understand but we seem to be able to catch the story more or less.

These days, books seem to have lost its appeal and making videos are gaining popularity in the areas of entertainment, businesses and marketing, advertisement, etc. With the advancement of modern technology, people can now enjoy live videos on the many social media. Live streaming is now easily accessible to us as long as we have a mobile device and internet connection. 

We can use live streaming apps to enjoy live video or we can also use live streaming to reach audience far and wide around the world. Many are downloading and using apps for live streaming to watch videos & broadcasts from all over the world!

Here are some necessities for hosting a quality live stream:

  • Recording equipment such as a good quality video camera, audio recording, etc.
  • Encoding devices for changing your video format for live streaming
  • Internet connection that is reliable and fast
  • Live streaming video host e.g. Youtube, Facebook, etc.
  • Embedding your live stream video on your website.

If you want to be a broadcaster, you can start with Swoo live stream app. To become a broadcaster on Swoo:

  • Click on the round video button on the home page to request an invite code from the Swoo team or from one of the broadcaster contacts.
  • Once you received the invite code from either one of these two sources, click on ‘Enter Invite Code’ and add in the invite code you’ve received and you are ready to broadcast.

How to broadcast on Swoo.
  • Tap on the round video button on the home page.
  • Name your broadcast and tap the arrow button.
  • Select from the live steaming channels that best fits your broadcast and tap the arrow button.
  • Then record a 3-10 seconds preview of your broadcast and once done, tap the arrow button to enter the waiting room.
  • You have 10 minutes to set up, invite speakers, or simply prepare for your broadcast.
  • Once ready, click on the start button and you are live.

To stop your broadcast, click on the cancel button on the top-right corner of your live broadcast screen. Then, tap on Stop broadcast. To delete a broadcast, tap on the actions button on the broadcast page. Click delete broadcast and confirm delete.

I think I might need this app if ever I decide to do video blogging. What do you think? Good idea?

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