Bikini May Summer Sale at Glamour Collection MNL

Glamour Collection MNL - my online fashion shop - has been around for 7 years now. It existed in the age when online sellers are still 10% of the total population of the internet. 

I stopped selling when I got too busy with my day job that I didn't get the time to go to my suppliers to get my stocks. Although almost 97% off the internet now are online sellers and competition is so big, I decided to try the world of digital marketplace again, and here are some of the bikinis on my first collection.

I hope you can check out my Shopee shop as I am having an entire May Summer Sale up to 20% off on ALL swimsuits.

Hollister White and Green Stripe Bikini

Blue Green Two Piece Bikini

Brown Two Piece Bikini

Victoria's Secret Two Piece Bikini

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