Monthly Socks Subscription with say It With a Sock

Socks are a way to express your fashion sensibilities, as they allow you to accessorize your outfit with colors and patterns to match your mood. While a large collection gives you more choices, it’s understandable there could be some designs that just aren’t a match, which is why many people prefer to shop for themselves. When you get a Say It With a Sock subscription, you’ll receive new socks every month with a monthly sock subscription, but what do you do if you don’t like a particular month’s selection? Here’s a look at the company’s free exchange policy so you know what to do if you’re unsatisfied with a specific pair.

Guaranteed Happiness

If you’re unhappy with a set of branded socks that comes in your monthly shipment, the exchange policy couldn’t be easier. Simply contact the company and tell them you’re unsatisfied and you will get an additional pair on the following month’s shipment. You don’t even need to worry about returning the other socks, as the founders would rather you donate them to a local homeless shelter. Keep in mind, you can only do this once every six months, and you need to have an active subscription to get your replacement pairs.

Subscribe and Have Fun

With the easy exchange policy, you can sign up for a subscription without worrying, but why not embrace the fun of having new socks show up on your doorstep every month? To decrease the likelihood of dissatisfaction, you actually have a few choices to make during the ordering process:

  • Size
  • Pattern or graphic
  • Number of pairs each month

While you may occasionally get socks you wouldn’t necessarily buy on your own, don’t be surprised if they end up finding their way into your normal rotation anyway. To learn more about the various subscription options or give a membership as a gift, Say It With a Sock  today.   

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