Everyday Love Nude Lips #3 and #6 - Review

I'm a nude lipstick hoarder. Honestly, I get obsessed with nude shades because they just fit with whatever you wear. You don't need to worry about not matching it with your makeup because nude shades are just lovely whether you have smokey eyes or just doing a daily look.

It is so amazing to see several local cosmetic brands in the market today. I've seen a lot on Instagram and every makeup product that these sellers sell looks very promising and affordable. One of the brands that I tries is Everyday Love. These liquid lipsticks are nice and has a good quality. You'll know why if you read on.

Price: 199php each
Where to buy: Everyday Love
Shades available: (for Nude Lips) #1 to #7

I bought these two shades (#3 and #6). #3 is a pink-nude shade, while #6 is a brownish nude shade. It comes in a white box and a big tube of liquid lipsticks. Everyday Love liquid lipsticks are quite bigger in size compared to regular liquid lipstick tubes.

Wand applicator

Swatches: Top - #3; Bottom - #6

#3 looks like the shade Vixen in the Silky Girl Matte Junkie lipstick range.

#6 is a dupe for the shade Retro in the Silky Girl Matte Junkie lipstick range.

What I think:

  • Both shades are nice. Whether you wear dark or light clothes, the lipstick shade will look good on you.
  • It has a nice creamy to matte finish that is quite hard to remove. Seriously, even if I wear this and eat my breakfast or lunch, there is only a minimal amount of lipstick that is removed.
  • It is long-wearing because it lasts for almost 4-5 hours on the lips unless you intentionally remove it with a makeup remover.
  • Very affordable. Some liquid lipsticks costs 300php up for a small tube of liquid lipstick. For 199php, I think this tube will last for months.
  • The shades are perfect because it has a variety of pink, nudes, mauve, and brown shades.
  • The wand applicator can decently apply the lipstick on my lips.
  • It is lightweight that you wouldn't feel you are wearing any kind of lipstick.
Unfortunately, what I only don't like about this lipstick is the smell. I don't know if it's just my tubes, but mine smells like plastic which is why I don't breathe when I put it on my lips. LOL. But bottomline, the Everyday Love Nude Lips is lovely that I would love to buy all shades from the collection some other time.

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