5 Top Reproductive Health Checklists for the Women’s Wellness Month

This March, it’s all about the bold and fearless women that make life worth living. But between work or school, family and loads of responsibilities, most women find it hard to prioritize self-care as they age. That’s why in celebration of the Women’s Wellness Month, we’ve compiled five simple but sensational health reminders that even the strongest alpha female should never forget. 

Let’s talk about reproductive health. Vaginas are sensitive. Period! Some of the things women do on their areas maybe thought to do no harm, but the following can actually do otherwise; so time to freshen up your habits if you’ve been guilty of at least one of these culprits.   

Much as the hair in your nose, pubic hair in your area is there for a reason. Yes, that part most of you choose to remove every once in a while; it’s worth noting that hair down there helps with regulating body temperature, keeps bacteria from harming the vagina, literally protecting your area against friction—which can cause an injury—by providing some sort of a cushioning. But if you still wish to have it removed, doing it carelessly might cause inflammation, irritation, and even infection. Otherwise, either you go to a certified professional for a Brazilian wax or just accept the natural state and let your hair down. 

Women wearing skinny jeans and leggings is inevitable. Throw it out? Of course not! Regulate it perhaps. Wearing tight clothing down there irritates the vulva as there may be rough collision going on against the fabric. This also traps the heat, moist, and also restricting the air that flows through; leading to a major discomfort in the vagina. 

Amazingly, vaginas are known to naturally clean themselves. This is why, ladies, you have the vaginal discharge and secretions. While hygiene is obviously important, lay off your vagina from the inside. Special treatments or douching is just an invitation for infections as it disturbs the natural bacteria that are set up inside your vagina. Just let nature do its work, and don’t obsess about overdoing your clean slate. 

On the subject of reproductive health, it is also important to note that annually visiting your OB/GYN is a must! Remember it’s important to always note that your trusted doctor know the precise status of your reproductive health. Some may think going to the OB/GYN might be intimidating, but the thing is, it wouldn’t really hurt to go through some screening tests to know what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong; and what you should do to further improve. 

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