Glupa Skincare: First Impressions

I just got back from a very long birthday vacation last week and my main problem is how to get my original light skin tone from the tan I have. 

This gift was just in time to solve my whitening dilemma. Behold, the Glupa skincare set.

Glupa is a breakthrough combination of glutathione and papaya that gives you twice the whitening power of one.

It provides nutrients from Papaya (exfoliates dead skin cells) and Glutathione (stops the formulation of melanin) to help skin look whiter.

The combination of Glutathione and Papaya icreases the body's ability to restore a younger looking skin.

Glupa Whitening Soap
It claims to lighten skin tone in 3 minutes. This cold-pressed soap has a mild cucumber melon scent. The fruity scent stays all day if you stay inside an airconditioned room. Probably a few hours if you stay outside. It does not sting like kojic soaps as well.

Glupa Whitening Lotion
Claim to fame: Can whiten the skin in 7 days. It contains shea butter extracts with concealing effect of love scent. It has non-sticky formula that can make you feel fresh all day. The scent is not too strong and still tolerable (as I'm not a fan of perfumed skincare products)

Glupa Whitening Face & Body Cream
What it does: Whiten your skin in one week. The Glupa Whitening Face and Body Cream has a thick consistency that is easy to spread. It works best when lightening dark spots such as elbows, knees, inner thigh, etc.

I'm excited to see how powerful the whitening effect of Glutathione + Papaya is. 😉 I will update this blog in a month to see the results.

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