Branded Overruns at Taytay Tiangge

Are you looking to score cheap but quality clothing? 

Taytay is the Garment Capital of the Philippines and you would be surprised to see fashion items half the price of what you can find in Divisoria (well-known shopping district in Manila) but get quality clothing. 

Although you can find same designs as what you can see online, the Taytay tiangge also has some hidden stalls where you can find Branded Overruns at almost 80% off the store.

Branded overruns are fashion items that are slightly damaged but still manufactured by the original brand. It is not class A or replica, but these are items with factory defects (wrong stitches, wrong fold, wrong cut, etc).

You can find several stalls of Bramded Overruns at MySeoul Tiangge. Stalls sell them at around 200 pesos below. Some brands that they sell are Mango, Bershka, Forever 21, Aeropostale, Terranova, Zara, H&M, Ambercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, and many more.

This is the second batch I bought from Taytay Tiangge. Forever 21 cami sandos costs 80 pesos each. You can haggle up to 75 pesos each. Bershka tshirt at 140 pesos and Mango shorts at 150 pesos.

Sellers will usually give you discounts if you bought more than 3 items on the same store and depends how good you haggle. Cloth quality is superb! Almost like the branded ones you can buy from the malls.

Best time to go to Taytay tiangge is every after lunch, starting 1pm if you are looking for Branded Overruns. Most stalls are open.

Affordable unbranded clothes are best to be bought during their night market. Most stocks are delivered every Monday night (around 6pm) until Tuesday morning, and Thursday night to Friday morning. This is where stocks that have the best quality and designs are dropped on the market. (I will post a new blog for unbranded Taytay tiangge haul soon!)

There you go! Have you shopped at Taytay Tiangge?

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