Lashes on Fleek by Eyecandystuff

Everybody is aware of the tagline "eyebrows on fleek" but has anyone heard "lashes on fleek"? While there are some makeup professionals who use this term,  it is still not that common for most of us. Good thing Eyecandystuff is offering this Lashes on Fleek eyelash serum for an affordable price. You can now have lashes on fleek without putting falsies anymore!

Price: 150php at 15ml
Where to buy:  Eyecandystuff

The Lashes on Fleek is packed in a mascara tube. It contains castor oil that acts as the serum for the eyelashes. The wand applicator is thick that it can curl the lashes alone without using the curler. (But! Best to curl your lashes still)

How to use: (best before bed time)
1. Clean face / wash face
2. Curl your lashes
3. Apply to your lashes and leave for 4-8hours.
4. Rinse.

What is castor oil and what are its benefits?
Castor oil is a vegetable oil and is obtained by pressing the seeds of castor plants. It has several functions and benefits and one of which is hair growth. Castor oil is proven to stimulate hair growth and can be used as hair oil to thicken hair.

I have used this eyelash serum for 5 days and I noticed that my lashes are now thicker but not yet that long. I'm still hoping to have longer lashes so I'm continuously using this every before bed time. Updating this blog after using for over a month. 😉

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