Bobbie Cosmetics Brushes for Make Up Beginners

Aspiring beauty enthusiasts might be wondering how make up brushes can change their make up game. While you might think that working using your hands is enough to do the blending, make up tools like these brushes will prove you wrong. We know that make brushes costs a lot that is why Bobbie Cosmetics created these for make up starters.

To save you from wondering, these brushes are below 250php only. Handle is made of wood and fine metal, holding the synthetic bristles of the brush itself.

Angled brush: Php 185
Can be used for applying blush ons and contours. You can also use this for powder foundations.

Foundation brush: 210php
Can be used for concealers and liquid foundations.

Eyeshadow brush: 165 php
For eye shadows.

Looking closely to the brush bristles, the hair doesn't fall off immediately. This isn't a cheap brush that easily breaks. For its price, it performs well for its function. The bristles doesn't hurt and is not stiff. The brush is very soft that you will love using it on your face. 

These brushes is perfect for beginners because of its affordable price and a good tool for starting your vanity. 

Bobbie Cosmetics is available in leading Robinsons Department stores nationwide.

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  1. I want to have my own elset of brushes kasi I want to learn contouring pero wala pa ako non. Soon! 😍