Chica-Y-Chico Mat Fix Cushion #23 - Review

It's 3 days before 2017 sweeties! Are you ready for the new year ahead? What are your plans? Last year, I told myself that I should invest more on beauty and skincare products because it's really helpful for a blogger like me. I discovered lots of Korean products this year and I'm looking forward to discover and review more in 2017.

For today, let me share my thoughts about the Chica-Y-Chico Matt Fix Cushion.

This has been long overdue because I got this product from my Althea Box last July. BB and CC cushions have been a hit this year and to join the hype, I have chosen the Chica-Y-Chico Mat Fix Cushion.

Price: Php410.00
Where to Buy: Althea Korea (

What it claims:

The Chica-Y-Chico Mat Fix Cushion comes in a matte black box and compact and a black cushion puff. It's a bit bulky for me, but i noticed that most cushions are shaped like that. It has an opaque mirror which I find useless because it's kinda blurry and you cannot see your face clearly.

When you open the first enclosure, you can see that the cushion is still covered with the plastic so that it stays intact and the cream will not spill. I like the idea that this is covered.

If you remove the plastic cover, you can finally see the cushion itself. It looks like a cork board but it's a soft sponge hiding the cream underneath. If you press the cushion, the cream will easily go to your fingertips.

I got the shade #23 which I find too light for my skintone. Here is the swatch on my skin. 

What I like about this product is that it dries matte and creates a perfect matte finish on the skin. I prefer to use a sponge to blend it because the puff is too stiff and makes it harder to balance the shade when applied. 

What I don't like is that using a cushion is too messy for me. I prefer using 2 way cakes or liquid foundation + powder to get the finish that I want. But don't get me wrong, coverage is a 5 star for me because it actually covers everything! It lessens oiliness and though my pimples are still visible, redness is not! And I'm more than happy about that. I'm a foundation freak so if it doesn't cover at all, it's a nope!

Though I love the coverage so much, I will not buy this product again because it gave me a zit or two right after using. Plus, it stays for about 2-3 hours and needs to be retouched.

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