Yolo Nail Polish Collection by Chic Nails

You only live once, why not make the most out of it?

This phrase was the first ever thought that popped into mind when I saw this nail polish collection from Chic Nails. You have probably seen my latest feature about Boho Chic Nails Collection, and unfortunately, I am still unable to feature all swatches of the nail polish since I still have my manicure. But don't fret! I will be doing a link back to each post per collection when I do a separate feature of each shade.

I am seriously hoarding every Chic Nails collection that is coming out of the market! Haha. For today, I will be doing a preview of the entire collection. Details about each shade will be posted on a separate blog.

So behold, the YOLO Chic Nails Collection. This is one of Kathryn Bernardo's collection since she is currently Chic Nails' brand ambassador.

L-R: W.T.H, L.O.L., L.M.A.O, S.W.A.G, F.U., M.A.D.

I like the naming convention of this collection! It's just so, YOLO! Good job to the Marketing team of Chic Nails for coming up to these names. As for the colors, I think the L.O.L and the F.U. have closer shades. If you have seen the Edgy Collection, it's somewhat the same with this, only that it doesn't have glitters on it. My favorite is S.W.A.G. I like how red it is. 

Anyways, I'm going to hold the reviews for now, saving it for the individual features.

I hope you too liked this collection!