Fall in Love at First Swipe with Colourette Lipsticks by Fairness and Flawless

Lately, I have been strolling in the cosmetic section of department stores to scout for a new brand of lipstick. I have been using Sophie lipsticks ever since I started using lipsticks. Honestly, I love Sophie lipsticks. I just felt like I need a little step up. I am not really into cosmetics, I just love seeing the playful shades together, organized in a cosmetic rack. There are lots of holy grail cosmetics available in the market and it's really hard to tell which claims to be the best since every brands claim that they are. Although testers prove what the brand has to offer, more often than not, I am honestly not satisfied with some so I am still not changing lipsticks.

Until this was introduced to me by my office mate.

I have seen the brand Colourette somewhere but I forgot where I saw it. It's kinda sossy because of the brand name, but I haven't seen the shades. Luckily, one of my office mates is selling this one, so I got to see the shades in person.

Behold, the Colourette lipsticks by Fairness and Flawless.

Colourette Cosmetics, established by Fairness and Flawless - one of the biggest online skin care brands in the country, specializes not only in luxurious makeup, but in natural functional cosmetics. These products gently treat and nourish while flaunting features - enhancing beauty naturally alongside providing the modern women of today with truly happy and healthy skin.

Beauty Beyond Aesthetics

Colourstick is a lip lacquer like no other with its all-natural activities

  • Vitamin C re-textures and protects the lips
  • Vitamin E provides extra lip nourishment and elasticity
  • Collagen reduces the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic Acid rehydrates and plumps dry damaged lips
  • Jojoba Oil reduces dryness and irritation of chapped lips
  • Grapeseed Oil works as an anti-oxidant and gives the lips a healthy glow
  • Avocado Oil gives an extra dose of skin-softening nutrients
  • Shea Butter nourishes for smooth and supple lips
That's what you call love at first swipe!

Here are the shades:

L-R: Kendal, Dakota, Sahara, Petra, Devon

L-R: Kendal, Dakota, Sahara, Petra, Devon

L-R: Kendal, Dakota, Sahara, Petra, Devon
Aren't they pretty?

This is just a preview and swatches of the lipstick. I purchased Kendal and I will be doing a separate blog post and review about the shade, soon! I'll tell you what I love and what I don't anytime next week!

Don't forget to keep posted.

TIP: To make your Colourstick experience even more vibrant and long lasting, use UNO all-natural primer. Packed with tender loving ingredients, it protects, smoothens, and nourishes lips for a flawless canvass prior colouring - giving you healthy sexy lips with glamorous lipstick longevity up to 24 hours!

Visit their Facebook page to know more: https://www.facebook.com/ColourettebyFNF


  1. I'm gonna buy Sahara! Love neutrals. <3

    1. I should have bought Sahara too instead of Kendal. :(

  2. can u review sahara please? thanks!!

    1. I bought Sahara!! :) At first I was hesitating to buy it since I have a medium or tanned skin tone but when I put it on, it matches my skintone really well! I really love this product and I love reading your blogs :) Check out mine too hihi.

    2. I also bought Sahara. Will review soon :)

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  5. Replies
    1. Hello Lyka! You can send a message at Colourette Facebook page and they will refer a dealer near you. :)

    2. Hello Lyka! You can send a message at Colourette Facebook page and they will refer a dealer near you. :)

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