Boho Nail Polish Collection by Chic Nails

Can you guess if I'm a fan or not? Haha. I'm not a total fan of Kathryn, but I'm a total fan of her nail polish collection, by Chic Nails. I have been on the watch for their latest nail polish collection, and I think I have featured all of her collections starting from Knockout to this one. Don't you just love these colors? This is just a sneak peek of all the colors.

As much as I want to test these all on my nails, I just had my nails done. :(

But I promise that I will edit this post just to show you guys how it looks like on the nails. Or I might do a separate blog for each shade. What do you think? For Boho Collection, Chic Nails features six pastel-ish colors. I honestly love the combination! This collection is my second favorite, after the pastel.

I wish I can just put them all at once, but since they are six, one color will  be left! But don't worry, I will feature each one separately for a closer look.

L-R: Bohemian, Wanderer, Gypsetter, Hippie, Free Spirit, Dreamer

This is an extension of the pastel collection! I am just so excited to paint these on my nails. My favorite shade among the six is the Dreamer. Oh, you are so next on my nails!

Next blog: Yolo Nail Polish Collection by Chic Nails.