Survival Guide to Blogapalooza 2015

Are you one of the bloggers who will be a part of the Blogapalooza 2015? I bet you are all excited so witness the biggest Business-to-Blogger Networking event of the year! Whether you are a rookie or a veteran blogger, here are some tips on how you can survive this event:

I attended the Blogapalooza 2014 and I wasn't prepared from the fun and exciting event, so I will be sharing these tips to you since this year's Blogapalooza is bigger and better. This year, I'll make sure I am fully equipped to participate!

  • Calling Cards. Prepare lots of calling cards or business cards. There are lots of businesses and you wouldn't know that your potential employers or sponsors will be one of them. So make sure you exchange contact details with every booth!
  • Camera. You will need this for documentation, and for every booth's gimmicks. Some booths requires to take selfies to join their raffles.
  • Data Connection. While the venue might have their own wi-fi connection, you might need your own data connection to easily post or download apps from different booths. Most of them require posting to social media sites and liking their fan pages before they give you your freebies.
  • Powerbank. Make sure your gadgets are fully charged! Since this is a whole day event, your mobile phone can be drained while taking photos or using mobile data. Don't miss any of the fun!
  • Extra Eco Bag. I'm guaranteeing that you will go home with a lot of freebies! Last year, I came empty-handed, but I went home with 7 full eco bags! Be prepared as some booths may give bulky freebies, so better have an extra eco bag, which is big enough to put hundreds of freebies!
  • Energy. There are different exciting games per booth so make sure you are energized and fit to join.
Tip: Go early to the venue so you will catch the early birds promos of some booths. Some booths only prepared loot bags for the first 100 bloggers, etc. 

So are you ready for the Blogapalooza Seasons 2015?

See you there!


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