A Sweet Surrender at Little House of Cheesecakes by Mommy Cheffy - Antipolo

Happy Monday lovelies! How was your weekend? Yeah, I know we all hate Mondays that feels like forever, but it's a brand new day and we have to wake up early for school or for work. But nonetheless, I'm in the mood to post a blog and for today, I will be sharing my experience at Little House of Cheesecakes by Mommy Cheffy - Antipolo City.

If you're living in Antipolo or anywhere near Rizal area, and you love desserts and books, you should try this one! When this cafe opened, I've been dying to see it, since I'm a big fan of books and desserts. This dessert house captured my fancy and I really fell in love with this place.

I hanged out with my high school friends to have a heart-to-heart talk last Saturday and I thought, why not hangout in this very chill place?

My very first thought when I entered: "This is really home." You can immediately see lots of books of different genres. for adults and kids. There are couches and seats for, I think at least 25-30 persons. The cafe is small, but you can see that it was designed for everyone in the family, If you love reading books and wanted some time alone, this place is for you. You can escape in the real world and create new adventures with all the books available.

"Eating  and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably" C.S. Lewis

French fries in a mug - Php47

Children's books and adult books

They actually have different shelves of books but I wasn't able to take photos of them all since there were also people around. Me and my friends ordered Blueberry Cheesecake and Nutella Cheesecake, plus two sets of French Fries. They serve cheesecakes in a mini jar and as a whole cake. How I wish I can eat the whole cake!

Nutella Cheesecake & Blueberry Cheesecakes in a jar - Php97

For me, it's quite pricy for a little jar. Other coffee shops sell it for Php65+ for a slice. But I wouldn't deny that their cheesecakes are good, not to sweet, just the right blend of ingredients. I am so drooling over the Nutella Cheesecake. One of my friends also bought a chocolate milkshake, also for Php97. It was served in a mason jar and it was so full! The next time I visit, I will try their milkshakes.

The place was filled with decorative wall arts and kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy staying here. I'm planning to hang out here more often because of the serene environment.

Little House of Cheesecakes also serves different types of cheesecakes, I will try it next week on their Unli Desserts day. Hihi. They have cool naming convention of their menus. And, Little House of Cheesecakes does not only serve desserts, they also serve breakfast meals and merienda meals like burgers, cheese sticks, fries, and more!

Mandatory selfie with my friends!

Try and visit them!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittleHousebyMOMMYCHEFFY
Email: lhbymommycheffy@gmail.com
Contact Number: 654-9852
Location: Citia Okinari Complex, along Marville Subdivision, Circumferential Road, Antipolo City
Operating Hours: Mon-Tue (12:00pm-10:00pm); Wed-Sun (9:00am-10:00pm)


  1. I love the idea of french fries in a cup hehehe. The place looks home-y to me. Thank you for sharing. :)

    Mommy Rockin' In Style

    1. You should try this one if you're living somewhere near. :)