Aesthetic Areas in my 1BR Apartment

I've been living independently since I was 25 year old, and when I look back, the only item inside my apartment is a queen-sized bed foam from Mandaue Foam. Fast forward to this year, I can't believe that I've put up so much to fill in my home. Although I don't own the place, I made sure that I'll be comfortable living here because majority of the time, I am working from home. One of the good things that the pandemic brought me is that I was able to save up for the things that I have now. I haven't completely filled my apartment, and I still have things that I want to buy. But so far, here's what you can find in my 1 bedroom apartment.


I've been into arts and crafts all my life and I like decorating notebooks and journals when I was still in school. I admit, I do have a very nice penmanship which I was blessed with and was able to use to sell handwritten letters. I've bought stationery stuff for my personal collection, and shop stocks. This area contains all the stationery and items that I use in scrapbooking.

I have a single bed that I bought in Market Market, BGC. I normally wrap it with a duvet because I love sleeping with my aircon on. Still thinking about what to put on my plain walls. 

Finally had a durable bag organizer to keep all of my bags. My vanity area is also filled with the beauty and skincare stuff that I either bought or given to me by brands. I love staying on this area because it soothes my mind.

This is an extension of my journaling area, but more of where I normally work. I have a frameless monitor, and a 10" tablet where I draw and create digital products. This is also my work station so I often have my work laptop here.

I changed the original tiles to sticker tiles to make it more aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. I even changed the wooden bedroom door to a sticker wallpaper. I just found this idea on Tiktok and it's absolutely pretty. 

What do you think about my 1BR Apartment?