Kitschue I Gotcha Eye Palette: First Impressions and Review

My real goal was to create a euphoria makeup look for Valentine's Day even though I'm not going anywhere lol. I was able to achieve a soft glam look with the shades that are available on the Kitschue I Gotcha Eye Palette. Let's do a quick first impression and review of this cutesy eye shadow palette.

If you're a fan of cute packaging, this eye shadow palette will definitely catch your attention. It comes in a pink glittery and shiny booklet-type eye shadow palette with 9 shades available.

Where to Buy: Charis

  • Catching all cool tones from matte to delicate shimmer and a sweet combination of cool tones with colorful glitters.
  • You can create dreamy makeup to fancy party makeup with the shades available
  • Creates clear color payoff without creasing.

Matte Shades:
  • Taste the Dessert - Apricot base just like a fresh dessert
  • Say Yes - A rose brown base you want to use every day

Shimmer Shades:
  • Why So Worry - A dreamy purple shimmer pearl with delicate gold pearls spread
  • Come to Me - Magical and attractive deep purple burgundy
  • Made U Blooming - Silver pink shimmer pearl arousing mysterious atmosphere
  • Stole a Star - A deep navy shimmer arousing an enchanting universe
Glitter Shades: 
  • You're So Glamorous - Numerous particles of purple, opal, pink, and pearl. Supreme cool-toned glitter balm
  • Welcome to Party - Purple mirror ball glitter showing ultimate brilliance
  • Still my No. 1 - the mesmerizing blue metallic glitter reminding of a mermaid's tail

Shades from top to bottom: Made U Blooming, Still my No 1, Stole a Star, Taste the Dessert, Say Yes, Why So Worry, You're Glamorous, Welcome to Party, Come to Me

I'm a fan of matte and shimmer eye shadow combination because it gives that subtle sweet but a rock kind of girl. While this is my first time trying a glittery eye shadow, the Kitschue I Gotcha Eye Palette didn't fail me. Since it has 9 nice shades to play with, I am happy while creating my makeup look.

The matte and shimmer shades are pigmented and can be easy to blend, however, the glittery shades are quite hard to blend on the lids. Eye shadow brushes can get a lot of glitters but when applied to the lids, it doesn't easily stick. 

Overall, I have a great experience with the Kitschue I Gotcha Eye Palette and this will definitely be kept on my stash.

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