Silka Green Papaya Skincare Range

When I was younger, I have darker skin. Although I'm not a morena type of girl, my skin was not fair. My early college years had me decide to eventually venture into skim whitening - because there were some misconceptions that whiter skin means more beautiful. 

Since then, I tried different kinds of whitening skincare products such as lotions and soaps. Then I tried the brand Silka. The first variant that I have tried is the Orange Papaya one and I instantly fell in love with the papaya scent. 

Papaya has this known features of whitening that majority of soaps and other skincare products have papaya as the main ingredient. 

Silka released another range which is the Green Papaya. It is enriched with Green Papaya enzymes that helps eliminate dead skin cells, for clearer and smoother skin. You can enjoy its fragrance while you wait to achieve a fairer looking skin in 7 days. 

  • Silka Green Papaya Soap - 65g - 20php; 135g - 44php
  • Silka Green Papaya Deodorant - 25ml - 35php; 40ml - 50php
  • Silka Green Papaya Whitening Cleanser - 150ml - 42php
  • Silka Green Papaya Whitening Lotion SPF 10 - 200ml - 122php; 300ml - 164php
  • Silka Green Papaya Premium Whitening Lotion with Olive Oil - 100ml - 99php ; 200ml - 174php

Where to Buy: leading drug stores and supermarkets nationwide

Featuring Silka Green Papaya Soap

Featuring Silka Green Papaya Lotion

I personally love the Silka range and I've been a user for a long time already. I love the Green Papaya range better because it has more papaya fragrance that helps keep the skin fresh every after use. 

Achieve #PutingWalangHapdi in aa early as 7 days when you use the Silka Green Papaya range. 💚

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