#HingaLangGirl with Whisper Breatheable Cottony Pads

When I was younger, I didn't care much about the right pad to use. To be honest, when you transition from puberty to adolescence stage of your woman life, it's quite hard to decipher how to properly take care of our feminine hygiene. I admit, when I first got my period, I was too shy to tell our yaya and my mom. It was only after the reproductive system was taught in school when I realized that menstruation is normal.

While we all hate the sticky feeling down there during our period, ladies, our period is a gift! It makes us more of a woman! That's why it's important to choose the right companion during red days so that we don't irritate our friend down there.

Just this week, Whisper Philippines launched their all-new Breathable Cottony Pads, hence the trending hashtag #HingaLangGirl for their latest campaign.

This new pad aims to let our vagina breathe during our red days and stop it from having irritation. 

New and improved Whisper Breathable Cotton Regular Flow (23 cm) With Wings - 37php/pack

8 Sanitary Pads gives you airy freshness on those uncomfortable period days while keeping you protected. Its new topsheet has thousands of airflow vents that locks fluid in, keeps your sensitive skin dry and clean, and lets air pass through. Forget about hot stuffy and sticky period situations. With new Whisper Breathable, you can now be protected and feel light and airy through your period days. Formerly called Whisper Cottony Soft Regular 

My entry for #HingaLangGirl Instagram campaign

1. Workday Presko
Let's admit it, it's soooo uncomfortable to work and move around during period. To be honest, one of the things that makes me uncomfortable during work hours is that I have to be careful in moving because I might get blood leaks. My period also makes me feel lazy to work. But thanks to Whisper, it's going to be as presko feels as normal days. 

2. Presko While Running an errand
Getting groceries? It's important to stay fresh while strolling in the supermarket! 

3. Work-out Presko
Working out requires a lot of movement and weating. This will definitely increase blood pressure and gives more chances for leakage. Now I'm more confident in working out when using the new Whisper Breathable Cottony Pads because it enables a breathable feeling when working out.

Where to buy: Leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide, P&G Official Beauty Store in Shopee.

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