Aesthetic Vintage-Themed Cafe | Coffee Project

When I started working, coffee has been my best friend. I seriously cannot focus on anything without having a sip of coffee, be it iced or hot. Coffee keeps me sane with the things that I need to do for the rest of the day. It keeps me a bit "alive" after having a lack of sleep - because we just really cannot function well when we're sleepy.

Coffee might be running through my blood by now because I drink more of it than water sometimes.

I've been addicted to featuring coffee shops here on my blog recently, especially the aesthetic ones. It may be true that I'm slowly becoming a tita because these places make me happy and keep me stay calm. One of the coffee shops that I fell in love with is Coffee Project.

I have seen Instagram posts about Coffee Project before and it has become trending because of its vintage aesthetic vibes in every store. And this branch didn't fail me.

Coffee Project is not just an ordinary cafe. Besides the best-tasting coffee and beverages, they also serve a wide variety of appetizing food like cakes, pasta, rice meals, and sandwiches. Coffee Project also has exceptional interiors thus, earning the tag an "Instagrammable" coffee shop. It is prominently decorated with flowers and greens to give you that garden cafe and home-y vibe.

Here are some of the photos I have taken during my visit in Coffee Project Vista Hub BGC. 

The interior definitely feels like home. Their tables and couches have the home-y vibes and feels like dining in a semi-mansion. I have dined in Coffee Project Vista Hub BGC for 2x already and I'll definitely spend more time chilling here with my amazing merchandise from Viviamo Concepts.

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