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Whenever you buy a house, you’ll likely encounter different terms such as single attached, single-detached, duplex, rowhouse, and townhouse. There are also terms like 1BR, 1TB, DOM, HOA, and many more. These can be very confusing, especially for first-time homebuyers. 

Once you decide to purchase a home from BellaVita, you’ll only encounter terms namely Poli Inner, Poli End, and Gemelli. Know the meaning of these terms before choosing the home that matches your needs.

What is Poli Inner?

Poli Inner is synonymous with a single attached house. A single attached house means it shares a common wall on both sides. Row houses or townhouses are a good example of Poli Inner houses. 

These are often clustered homes with 4-10 units or lots per block. These homes have a similar floor plan and floor and lot area. It’s the most affordable option you can purchase from BellaVita.

Is Poli Inner the right choice for me?

Poli Inner houses are perfect for starting families and retirees. It offers just the right size for each member of the household to move comfortably. Since you share a common wall with your neighbors, you may have to adjust to living in such close proximity.

What is Poli End?

Essentially, Poli End is also synonymous with a single attached house. However, instead of sharing a common wall on both sides, it only shares a single wall. Poli End is simply a house at the end of the block.

Having a house at the end of the block means you have a larger lot and more windows. This also means a slightly higher price compared to Poli Inner houses.

Is Poli End the right choice for me?

Similarly, a Poli End is also suitable for starting families and retirees. Since it has a bigger lot at the end of the block, you have a better opportunity for expansion. This makes Poli End homes ideal for growing families as well.

What is Gemelli?

Gemelli is also known as a duplex or semi-attached house in BellaVita’s vocabulary. A duplex is a set of two houses that share a common wall. On the other side of each house, they have space for a garage or a side garden. 

When buying from BellaVita, you only buy one house from the pair. As it has the biggest lot and floor area, it’s also our most expensive offering.

Is Gemelli the right choice for me? 

Gemelli is the right choice for growing families and large families. A bigger floor means the household has more space to work around. These homes also come equipped with a loftable provision for parking that can comfortably fit a sedan.

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