6 Productive Hobbies that you can Start or Continue with in 2021

2020 has been a hard year for everyone. Surviving the pandemic is sometimes the only choice that people may have. While some didn't even get the chance to survive, here you are, hustling and continuing to get on your life for another new year.

For some, they are lucky to still have a job despite all the layoffs all around the world. And for people who have no means to distract themselves from the anxiety that this pandemic brought, here are some of the productive hobbies that I started for the year 2021.

1. Journaling or Scrapbooking
Before 2020 ended, I hoarded a lot of scrapbooking / vintage journaling stuff. Journaling has become very satisfying in unleashing one's creativity and peace of mind. You can find vintage journaling stuff in Shopee at an affordable price. Whenever I finish my shift while working from home, I make sure I decorate how my day went in a page.

Tip: You can really create a decorative and creative journal by just looking at your old stuff. If you have no budget to buy vintage stuff, old books and art materials are fine, as long as you satisfy your boredom.

2. Collect and Grow Plants
I know this is way too late, but I just started collecting and growing plants before 2020 ended. I just can't contain the happy vibes these colors bring both into the eyes and to my senses. Whenever I fell burnout with what I'm doing during work hours, I check on my plants (thanks to my mom who sponsored them!) and water them, too!

I'm planning to add more different plants in my collection anytime soon!

3. Create DIY Crafts
I've been in a 2-week Christmas vacation and aside from watching Netflix all day, one of the things that I did is make DIY products while I decorate my work area. I created this picture wall with a random skincare box, dried flower, and jute twine! You can also make different DIY crafts, just look up aesthetic home and room decors in Pinterest to be inspired!

4. Redecorate and Declutter your room
One of my goals in 2020 is to finally have an aesthetic and minimalist room where I can comfortably sleep and post about. Shopee, sure, is everyone's best friend when the pandemic hit because we can't just stop adding to cart. For a tita like me, I bought home and room decors for my own satisfaction.

I bought these items at an affordable price! Side Table (165php); European Dresser (2,000php)

5. Start a Savings Challenge
The year 2020 was the start of ipon goals, really. Because of being confined in our homes and not allowed to go out for a couple of months, we saved a lot of money (at least for me!) To be honest, I think last year was when I most bought a lot of home stuff - ref, cabinet, appliances, etc - and for this year, I turned an old water container into a coin bank.

Of course, this will not all be coins! As you can see on my photos, I put bills as well. My goal is to fill up this container with 20 and 50 peso bills, and bonus if I have extra money from my salary, I'll drop it here as well. To prevent me from opening the container, I made sure I secured the cover and covered it so that I wouldn't know how much money I put in here.

Opening will be 2nd week of December and I can't wait to count the blessings!

6. Open an Online Shop
Halfway 2020, I decided to reopen my 9-year old online shop in Facebook. Surprisingly, I made it to 2021 having sales despite that majority of the people around the world started their online business. With the huge competition we have online, I'm still battling with my skills in social media marketing as I am a one-man team managing my online store.

I do have a lot of things to be grateful for from last year.
  • I stayed healthy
  • My loved ones were not harmed and stayed healthy as well
  • I still have a job that helps me pay my bills 
  • My influencer life is so blessed that I still get selected to do campaigns with brands
  • and most importantly, God never fail to pull me out through hardships.
This year, what I promise myself is that,
  • I will stick to my ipon goals!
  • Refrain from buying unnecessary stuff through Shopee and Lazada (Uninstalled them! Haha)
  • Sell more products in my online shop
  • Self care through a good skincare routine! (I had breakouts before 2020 ended that's why I wasn't posting photos and selfies on my Instagram
  • Get back to blogging! This blog helped me pay some of my bills since 2014

I am forever grateful with the blessings that I have and am receiving continuously. I hope you do too!

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