Daily Hue Cosmetics Lip Cream: Swatches + Review

I'm starting to be impressed with the cosmetic industry in the Philippines now, because you can see a lot of local brands booming all over Instagram. It's been a while since I have shared multiple swatches in one blog, and for today, let me share some thoughts about Daily Hue Cosmetics Lip Cream. 

Price: 149php each
Where to Buy: Daily Hue Cosmetics IG
Available Shades: Salty, Adulting, Stunner, Lowkey, Shookt, Savage, Triggered

Swatches below displays how the lip cream looks like at one swipe.

From top to bottom: Stunner, Triggered, Adulting, Shookt

This is how it looks like when smudged with wet wipe

The Daily Hue Cosmetics Lip Cream comes in a plastic liquid lipstick tube with a wand applicator in gold holder. Each lip cream is wrapped in a protective plastic upon shipment. 

Consistency & Scents
Since it is a lip cream, the Daily Hue Cosmetics Lip Cream has a creamy consistency and is very soft to glide on the lips. It feels creamy on first application but feels lightweight after drying. 

It smells like biscuits and has a mintu feel when applied.

Longevity and Staying Power
Because it has high pigmentation, it also stays long. Longevity is up to 4-5 hours. Even after eating, transfer level is minimal. It is not fully transfer-proof because any liquid can easily remove it. It does leave a bit of stain if you remove it with wet wipes. 

My lips in the shade SHOOKT

My lips in the shade ADULTING

Overall, for anyone who are starting up their kits, this one is a must try. 

Watch out for my YouTube vlog featuring the lip swatches! 

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