Unboxing: Earrings Handmade with Love from Earyu

This is my first time unboxing an earrings box and I am very excited to see what's inside. Earyu PH is handmade with love. I love that they have their own box and their logo just simply looks like an ear! I am impressed with this brand and I hope you guys can try out their handmade earrings.

Where to Buy: Earyu's Shopee Account / Instagram
Price Range: 199-249php

It has a thank you letter inside and each earring is packed in a protective plastic and pierced in a thin cardboard paper with the Earyu PH logo.

Here are the earrings that I got from them:

They offer different designs and each design comes in different colors to choose from.

Each design is unique and does not overpower the ears when wearing it. It's not too small and also not too big. With its marble and pastel designs, one will surely fall in love with these fashion pieces especially if you are like me who are into dangling earrings.

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