Recell Me A-Free Toner & Mask - Review

Who else loves trying out Korean products? Eversince I started this blog, I've been into trying out makeup and skincare products. It has been a surprise that Korean skincare has been a boom in the Filipino market together with the hype of K-pop and Korean drama. 

The Korean sensation has been a trend amd of course, who wouldn't love to try out everything to achieve the Korean skin?

For today, we're going to try out another Korean product from Recell Me - the 28 Days A-Free Toner and A-Free Mask.

What it claims:

  • With the 28-days A-Free toner, serum, and mask sheet, you cn "clearly" return to that young, and clear skin. This solution helps improve the skin elasticity without hurting the sensitive skin.
  • It has a refreshing fragrance of tea tree
  • It is a dual-functional cosmetics for whitening and wrinkle improvement that is not sticky.

If you're actually really into skincare, you would understand that toner is essential even in the minimized 10-step skincare routine. After cleansing and washing your face, it is important to tone to ensure that all the remaining dirt that wasn't washed off during cleansing is removed.

Sheet masks has been a hit as well for busy people who would like to wrap up their skincare into few minutes.

28 Days A-Free Toner
Comes in a 150ml bottle

How to use:
Wipe gently with sufficiently wetting the toner on the cosmetic cotton after cleansing

Nature A-Free Mask
Comes in a 23ml pack

How to use:
After cleansing and toning, place the mask pack on the face for 15-20 mins and gently dab to allow the remaining essence to be absorbed by the skin.

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