No Time for Gel Nails? Try this Faux Nails from Hue MNLA - Launching on October 16!

Faux nails or fake nails have become a hit earlier this year, and a lot of beauty and lifestyle bloggers/vloggers have been using them during unboxing, makeup tutorials, or even a simple Instagram post holding something, to flaunt their designed nails.

I am a fan of painting my nails once every month because most of the time, plain nails can become really boring to look at. I have tried having nail extensions, gel nail service, and even regular nail polish service. Name it, I have tried most of the services to simply design my nails. 

Although I have tried using fake nails before, this is going to be the first time I am going to feature using it. Keep reading to know more about this faux nails set from Hue MNLA.

HUE MNL Faux Nails

What are faux nails?
Faux nails are nail-shaped plastics that can be glued to the nails. These are reusable and press-on, so no hassle when using.

Before anything else, let's unbox the kit from Hue MNLA.

Hue MNLA is a seller of faux nails on Instagram that is set to launch their first collection on October 16, 2019. They will be selling reusable press-on nails that will help you become extra on events, hang outs with friends, or even your first date.

The package came in a recyclable box with the set of faux nails inside. I like that they personalized this kit with my name and a random marble designed faux nail set.

HUE MNL Faux Nails

The box has 24 pieces of faux nails with different sizes, shaped according to the shape of your nails. It has a small nail file/nail buffer, nail glue, and a sheet of nail dual adhesive to help you stick on the nails to your main nails.

HUE MNL Faux Nails
What's inside the package? 24 pieces of plastic nails, 1 nail glue, 1 nail buffer, and 1 sheet of nail adhesive

How are faux nails used?

  • Make sure that you have washed your hands and your nails are clean before using the faux nails.
  • It's up to you if you want to trim your nails, but for better effects, if you have longer nails and the faux nail is shorter, it's better to trim your nails.
  • Buff your nails to ensure that there is rough surface for the faux nails to last longer.
  • Choose the faux nails that fits on your main nail and arrange them on your nails to check if it is the perfect fit for the nail.
  • Use the nail adhesive to stick the faux nail on your main nail. (If you want longer staying faux nails, use the nail glue instead)
  • Press the faux nail on your main nail for about 10-15 seconds to ensure it sticks properly.
  • You are now off to go!

How to remove faux nails?

  • Put acetone in a bowl
  • Put the bowl of acetone in a larger bowl filled with hot water
  • You may put drops of baby oil on the bowl to make it more gentle on the skin
  • Dip your nails for 10-15 minutes on the bowl.
  • Remove the faux nails one by one

HUE MNL Faux Nails

I didn't know that using faux nails can be so easy. If you are like me who are busy with work and has limited time to go on salons and sit for a good 2 hours to do gel nails or nail extensions, why not try out using faux nails? It's a lot cheaper than doing nail extensions or gel nails. It works the same, though. It still makes your nails extra beautiful on days that you need them to be beautiful.

Have an emergency event but you haven't cleaned your nails? Try out these faux nails from Hue MNLA.

HUE MNL Faux Nails

I prefer using the nail adhesive because it sticks properly than the nail glue. Because I have previously tried using nail glue on my previous fake nails, it feels like putting mighty bond on the nails. 

Watch out for their grand launch on Hue MNLA Instagram page on October 16, 2019 and you can get 15% OFF on your purchase! They will surely be releasing a lot of beautiful designs of faux nails for you to choose from.

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