The Cutest Hair Straightener: Candy Magic Mini Hair Straightener - Does it really straighten your hair?

I'm a fan of pastel-colored stuffs and while I was shopping at Althea, I couldn't resist it and I have added the Candy Magic Mini Hair Straightener to my cart immediately. 

I will tell you more about this cute hair straightener while you scroll.

Price: 660php
Where to Buy: Althea Korea
Comes in 2 colors: Pink and Mint Green but only Mint Green was available during the time I checked out.

What it claims: 
This cute, portable, lightweight USB-charging mini hair straightener helps hair-styling anytime, especially in the afternoon when your gorgeous morning hair just about to be gone.

What's inside the package?
The Candy Magic Mini Hair Straightener comes in a cute box with a micro USB cable. I wonder why it didn't come with an adapter though. Probably because the goal of this product is to be handy and travel friendly.

It is indeed mini because it's just larger than a regular ballpen by 2 inches. It has a slim plastic type body and a cute swirl design on the end.

The ceramic plate that helps straighten the hair doesn't heat up that much. The maximum heat is very tolerable and will not burn your skin and hair. Unlike any other regular hair straightening iron where you can see visible smokes while heated, the Candy Magic Mini Hair Straightener will not damage your hair because minimum heat is observed.

At the other end of hair iron is where you can plugin the micro USB cable. There are two buttons as well: ON and OFF and the other one is LOCK and UNLOCK - to keep it in place while straightening.

I have a very wavy hair because I haven't maintained my rebonded hair - but here's how it looks like after straightening.

You will need to go over and over the layers of your hair to achieve a straight look. Because it doesn't heat up that much, straightening one side may take 30 to 45 minutes. And because it is too small, it doesn't clip that much hair. You have to iron in thin layers to have your hair straightened.

If you have thick hair like me, it will take you much longer time to finish your entire hair do. If you're looking for a fast hair straightener, this one is not for you. 

  • Does it really straighten your hair? YES! But again, would require more effort than usual. 
  • Can it do curls? - I tried, unfortunately, it doesn't because it doesn't heat up that much. It can give a nice shape at the end of your hair tips but that's just it. You cannot do kinky curls or even beach curls.

Since it's very sleek and handy, it's easier to slip it inside your pouch or vanity kit and bring it at school or in the office if you need a quick hair retouch. For me it's quite expensive for what it can do. It's cute, but I'd rather invest in a bigger hair iron that can really provide straight hair after usage.

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