Pamper Time: Gel Nail Polish Service at I Do Nails

I recently had my nail extensions done at I Do Nails but after a month that one of the nails chipped off, I had it removed in a local parlor that unfortunately damaged my nails. They didn't properly remove the nail extension that the tip of my nails broke. To hide it, I availed their gel polish service but the polish chipped off 1 week after and I hated how it looked like that I decided to have it removed.

I went to I Do Nails McKinley again as it is within the vicinity of my workplace and availed their Gel Polish service using the Gift Certificate that I Do Nails sent for me (Yay! Thank you so much I Do Nails for the love ❤)

Before the service, I took photos of their lavender interior again - those spots that I wasn't able to take photos of during my last visit. I would love to have a bedroom motif as calming as this! Although my bedroom is painted with pink, pastel colors are really soothing in the eyes.

I really like this setup - stairway going to the main couches of the salon!

How are Gel Nail Polish removed:
Previously, my nail extensions were removed using a nail pusher and it was soooooo painful! It broke my nail tips!! That is why I was so surprised how I Do Nails removes gel polish. If you are new to gel polish, it is a kind of nail polish that lasts for almost to more than a month and doesn't chip off easily like the ordinary ones.

I find it more cost savings especially if you are a nail junkie who likes painting your nails. Unlike regular polish, gel ones doesn't easily chip off or doesn't chip at all.

I Do Nails removes gel polish by putting a cotton ball with acetone and covering it with a foil. Leave it for 2-3 minutes to melt down the gel. After melting it down, they remove the foil and cotton ball and pushes off the excess gel polish using a nail pusher.

How to put on Gel Polish:
  • Normal cleaning routine for manicure
  • Add base coat
  • Heat under nail lamp
  • Put on first coat of the desired nail color
  • Heat under nail lamp for 2 minutes
  • Put on second coat
  • Heat under nail lamp
  • Put on third coat
  • Heat under nail lamp
  • Put on the top coat

Heating under the nail led lamp will help the gel polish to harden and stay in place for a long time.

Gel Polish colors in I Do Nails

This is how my nails look like after! I loved the glittered pink ones. Gel Nail Polish for manicure is worth 700php while for pedicure is 750php. 

I feel like getting gel nail polish every 2 months because it is so worth it than having the regular polish worth 400php and have it chip off within the next day.

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