Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam - Review

I've been hoarding skincare stuffs lately because they say that you should invest in skincare. One thing that I never forget to use on my night time skincare routine is cleanser. Being in the office all day and commuting, our skin earns the dirt and pollution around.

My recent cleanser was just emptied and I am glad to try out a new one from Vicle Cosmetics - the Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam.

Price: 650php
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It comes in a white tube just like most cleansers do. It is very handy because of its small size.

It has a pH of 5.5 that is good for the skin because this is the standard natural environment for skin health. 

The PEELSU PURE CLEANSING FOAM is a minty cleanser that instantly makes the skin fresh after washing. It has a gel-like consistency that is not too sticky when put onto the face. Because of its natural ingredients, it is safe to use and not harmful to the skin. It doesn't easily create bubbles when cleansing. I was looking for that property because I want something that I can feel on my face when washing. It also smells like a leaf for me - I don't know why. 

It has moisturizing properties that makes the skin smooth after washing with water. I like the cool minty feeling when massaging the product on to the face. Although I am a fan of facial scrubs, the Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam works okay on me. It didn't cause irritation after weeks of usage. I didn't get breakouts as well. 

I have an oily skin and I notice that it doesn't control the oil. After washing, I still prefer to use facial scrubs.

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